27. jun, 2014


I am in Gotland at the felting seminar Kreatov 2014. It is the third time for me but the first time for Amal from Ma'an lil Hayat, L'Arche Bethlehem. After some crowdfunding and help from The Crafts Association of Gotland she was able to come and take part in the classes here. We are doing different classes, Amal is doing a class on painting with wool on purses, Flowery purses, and I am taking a class on making a top with imbedded pearls. We are having a great time and working well into the night..... today we are getting a break to go to Visby for an exhibition and there we will give a talk on Ma'an lil Hayat.

17. jun, 2014

Last day at Ma'an lil Hayat

Today was my last day at Ma'an li Hayat before moving from Israel/ Palestine. After almost four years it was time to say goodbye and it could have been a terribly sad day. Luckily two thirds of the coremembers and the staff were at a field day at the Mourad Resort outside Bethlehem and were having a wonderful time in the pool. Everybody was so happy it was impossible to be sad! On the way home I did cry though and even though I know we will meet again it is so hard to part. The staff and the "shabab" (the young ones) have come to mean a lot to me...

31. maj, 2014

Feelings and happenings...

In this blog I want to write about what's happening in my life, with an emphasis on my artistic development. At the moment I am preparing a move, after four years in Jerusalem I am preparing to move to...well I am not really allowed to say it publicly yet as it has to do with my husbands work, but a place nearer to home (Sweden). These four years have been an intensely creative period, a challenging time on a personal level because of the political situation, but a most rewarding time also. The best part of my life here has been the work I have done, on a volunteer basis, with the organisation Ma'an lil Hayat, L'Arche Bethlehem. It's a group that works with mentally challenged people in Bethlehem. www.maanllhayat.ps When I arrived here four years ago I saw their felted products in a shop and immidiately started to  search for them. And since I sat my foot in that place I was hooked. Their love and compassion kept me coming back and I have now worked with them for almost four years and feel like a part of their family. It will be hard to leave, but I know I will be back!