16. dec, 2014

New home

Now I have lived in Oslo, Norway since mid September. It has been an amazing time, the settling in has gone so smooth and I have already gotten lots of contacts and friends. Slowly I have also started to work again and I find so much inspiration in the dramatic scenery of Norway. My husband and I have gone out a lot to enjoy the nature around Oslo and it is so much more dramatic than in Sweden. You expect any minute there will appear a troll from behind one of the mossy stones!

We also went to Ålesund on the westcoast and standing at the airport there I felt myself transferred to Tolkien land, the scenery was so impressive with the mountains and the fjords. 

The sea and the shifting of the light over the Oslo fjord is also a source of endless inspiration. I hope I will be able to capture at least some of all this in my creations!